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UCC secondo Forrester

Venerdì 13 Maggio 2011 18:29

Nel seguito si riportano i trend, evidenziati da Forrester Research, che interesseranno la comunicazione e collaborazione unificata nel prossimo decennio.

1: SIP Solutions Provide Greater Flexibility For The Business
2: New Devices Redefine The Desktop
3: Open Source Grows In Market Acceptance
4: Pervasive Video Extends Across The Enterprise
5: Mobile Connectivity Becomes A Business Priority
6: Social Media Extends Outreach To Others
7: Collaboration Drives Business Efficiency
8: Virtual Work Environments Increase The Need For Productivity Tools
9: UC Moves To The Cloud
10: Voice 2.0 Supports New Approaches To Voice

Leggere: Enterprise Communications, The Next Decade (pdf)