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Venerdì 28 Marzo 2014 17:27

Le valutazioni di IDC per il mercato Unified Communication and Collaboration nel 2014 tengono conto di 10 situazioni.

1. Fatturato vendor: 16 miliardi di euro
IDC Estimates That the Market Size for Worldwide UC&C Technologies (Including Solutions, Applications, and Business Services Offering) Will Reach Just Over $21.5 Billion in Revenue in 2012.

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2. Decollo UCCaaS
UC and Videoconferencing "as a Service" Markets Will Be Poised for Takeoff.

3. Rivoluzione cloud
Premises-Based Telephony, UC, and Videoconferencing Vendors Will Be Faced wirh a Delicate Balancing Act between Promoting/Selling New Software and Cloud Offerings and Cannibalizing the Revenue Stream of Legacy Systems.

4. Il Social entra in UCC
UC&C Vendors Will See Enterprise Social Networks Software a san Integrated Part of Their Product Suites.

5. Crescita di Google
Google's Appeal in Enterprise Communications and Collaboration As an Integrated Part of Their Product Suites

6. Focus su esperienza del Cliente
The Customer Experience Will Be the Focus for Contact Center Developers.

7. WebRTC, la svolta
2014 Will Be a Breakthrough Year for WebRTC Product Launches and New Functionality

8. Visione dei service provider
A Holistic View of Network Architecture and Business Process Will Be Required for Successin UC&C for Services Firms.

9. Evoluzione del mercato
The Communications market Will Have to Continue Its Consolidation to Survive on the 3rd Platform

10. Effetto Mobile
UC&C Mobility Will Be an Easy Choice for Vendors and Early Differentiator for Service Providers.

- Leggere presentazione IDC - UC&C 2014 Top 10 predictions (pdf)

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